Healthcare Worker

[Ellice], You are wonderful, thoughtful and know how to notice and pull things out that I didn’t know where there 🙂 [sic]

College Student

Ellice is awesome. She made me feel more relaxed. I realized I need to forgive more because everything is temporary. I also learned I can create things out of anxiety that can help me calm myself. I don’t have to stress about anything while creating. Now, I feel proud, empowered, inspired, hopeful, calm, happy, and excited.

Ministry Staff

She helped identify areas to address, but applied creativity to make change and provide help.

Business Professional

I really liked the opportunity to center, to create (in expressive arts/art as therapy), to be present to the present moment and what is going on inside of me. Art can be used to bring up emotions in non-threatening ways. We all need space of self care.

Creative Professional

Hi! How are you? I am doing well. The day after our [last session] I had an opportunity to talk to one of my friends about what I have gone through and the progress God has given me in my life. She ended up only just recently opening up about similar trauma in her life and I am so blessed that God answered that prayer of ours literally the next day! Miss you. [sic]

Government Professional

I was honored and humbled…  I learned so much about God’s tangible love, affection and healing power in and through my life.  [Counselor Park] helped me be more transparent with God about my anger and shame from abuse, to lead to a more peaceful state of mind in my everyday.  I would encourage any woman who has suffered from abuse to be open to [Counselor Park] and allow Abba to meet and love on you right where you are. [sic]