Mentors and Teachers

I have been privileged with many amazing mentors in my life, both those I currently consult with, and also those who have previously supervised, consulted, or taught me. This page is built to give credit where credit is due. Here are just a few who I adore and respect.

Dr. Stefanie Day

True Friend to the Deaf community, Dog Whisperer, and honestly, a Human Whisperer too, Magically Makes Having 20 Jobs Look Easy

The clinical supervisor who has seen me the most thoroughly longitudinally, and put my sessions on recorded camera (with clients’ permission of course!) for the best clinical training hands-down.

K.D. the Dog

Therapy Dog and Love Ball

Dr. Day’s girl, and a natural helper with EMDR therapy for people of all backgrounds, including the blind, deaf, and developmentally delayed communities.

Sharon Howe

Serving rural Ohio with love and care, EMDR consultant

One of the most genuine and soft-hearted but also, firm, women I know. She self-describes she would have retired a long time ago but for EMDR, she keeps going and helps others like me apply EMDR responsibly and compassionately.

Myra Clark-Foster

Fierce Healthcare Advocate who puts Patients-First, one-half to a real-life “Loving” couple in my life (and well-deservedly featured in a NY Times piece about it, and featured in Kelly Clarkson’s TV show, “Dare to Love”)

Developed a nationally acclaimed bereavement work at Mount Carmel Hospice in central Ohio. Co-author of “Understanding the Journey: A Lifespan Approach to Work with Grieving People”.

Dr. Steve Wilson

Inventor of Laughter Therapy, Owner of World Laughter Tour, Bright Light in Dark Places & in the World

Served for at least a couple decades in the Ohio prison system, and discovered the evolutionary power of laughter built-into the human physiology. Married to the most amazing Pam.

Roy Kiessling

Owner of EMDR Consulting, teaching EMDR nationally

Originally trained directly by Francine Shapiro (the inventor of EMDR therapy) in 1995, and later served as one of her senior trainers for her training organizations (2001-2002). In 2013 he started EMDR Consulting, which stressed integrating EMDR to your clinical practice. I was trained by him in 2015/2016 and knew right away that was 100% the best choice.

Dr. Jamie Marich

Creator of Dancing Mindfulness approach to express arts therapy, Owner of Institute of Creative Mindfulness, Teaching EMDR globally

Always keeping it real, doing her self-work, and encourages others to express themselves as an act of radical self-acceptance.

Jeff Sparr

Artist and Mental Health Advocate, Founder of PeaceLove Studios and PeaceLove CREATORS Program

Brings Expressive Arts nationally with global sights to promote mental and emotional well-being through art, health, and business partnerships

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