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Individual Counseling Sessions: I orient with children, adolescents, and adults, from a relational and evidence-based approach. Through conversation, art making, dreamwork, writing, creative-play, I facilitate creative processes to support flow and the ability to have a greater awareness of oneself. Where needed, I also provide scientific interventions. Together, we explore and make sense of what is happening in the here and now in therapy. It is through these therapeutic experiences that we co-create an opportunity to learn, grow, and heal… so you or your child can move on with a fuller capacity to take on the tasks of life that lay ahead.

Online Coaching and Consultation Services: Through regular online support through writing, audio messages, video messages, and some live sessions, I orient with adolescents and adults from a relational and evidence-based approach. We connect in the most comfortable way for you, as you live your life with wellness and peace of mind, as core values. You can message 24/7, from wherever you are, and receive regular points of daily contact, Monday through Friday. This is 100% secure and stigma-free, where you take my coaching with you.

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Fees for Service: Consultations to discuss what you seek in therapy, or in coaching, and mapping out a plan, are $40 per half hour. Initial diagnostic sessions are $199; they last up to 2 hours. Subsequent counseling sessions are $149 for 45-55 minutes. Coaching and consultation package plans begin at $40 per half hour of live communication, and $60-$75/week of 24/7 online services.

My practice operates a little differently than some psychotherapy practices. I do not accept insurance. I can send you a super-bill, for you to submit to your insurance company, for your out of network therapy and counseling benefits. Insurance does not reimburse for coaching and consultation services. I take payment at the time of service. You can pay by cash, check, credit, debit, or a health savings account card.

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