I have realized this in life. It is normal for things to fall apart, and for people to change, including ourselves. At those points, we have a couple options:

  1. Get stuck.
  2. Courageously face the situation, and heroically go through the process of healing, picking up, and being a stronger, wiser, more grateful person than before.

It can be a really tough choice, when we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m here to remind you that you aren’t alone, and the second option can be done with grace.

I always feel it is a beautiful thing when someone allows me to be a part of their process, and IF we fit well together for the journey. Every therapist’s approach is a little different. Check out the how’s & why’s of my work:

Being human and living life can be complex, but therapy does not have to be. I grew up in a family where I saw others trust my elders with their personal, marriage, parenting, family relatives’, and medical issues: All my relatives are involved in ministry leadership positions, most of the men in my family have served in the military, my grandparents have served in diplomatic and delegate positions for their country, and a number of my family members are physicians and healthcare workers. Since junior high, I was the “class counselor”, and a friend to everyone.

Then, I learned during my graduate program, that historically, psychotherapists were required to receive therapy for themselves, for the sake of quality assurance to the public. So, I put myself in the hot seat. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of therapy; and I know what it’s like to be seeing a therapist when you’re a HCW, too. I was also privileged to have multiple clinical work environments, to serve various populations and concerns. These personal & professional experiences have deeply informed me to aspire towards the highest ethics, and to pursue the best available science. Although I am not required to, I employ 4 supervisors and advisors to eyeball my work.

My goal is to work with you to co-create a safe, authentic space where you feel supported to untangle the issues holding you back, and to start building the story you want moving forward.

My professional approach is targeted, strategic, and specific to you. We clear through the brush, identify the true problems vs. the distractions, and systematically address them. Then, we crush your goals.

Random Bits About Me:

I love art. I’m here for all of it. Poetry and lyric writing, makeup, interior design, gardening, painting, dance, wacky performances, All- Of- It.

I love being in Nature. Maine has a special place in my heart.

I’m always talking with somebody. I love people. Every one is so beautiful and amazing in their own way.

I’m from a healthcare & ministry family. Talking about life stuff with all kinds of folks is our everyday reality, and there’s nothing anyone can tell me that will make me give them a weird look!

Before becoming a counselor, I worked as a teacher with the cutest little kiddos, and as an etiquette tutor for children. It was very sweet.


Let’s hang out

Ellice, You are wonderful, thoughtful and know how to notice and pull things out that I didn’t know where there 🙂

  • W. M.

I really like Ellice, she has been my favorite counselor. I would recommend her to anyone. She even had knowledge about my chronic illnesses even some nurses I’ve had before didn’t know about, and that was really impressive and made me trust her even more. She made me feel safe and secure, she is really approachable.

  • A. P.

Through therapy, I learned to trust my gut and instincts, to listen to my body. And, it’s ok to need extra help. Ellice was professional, available, and overall great!

  • A. L.

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