Notice of Changes

Physical Office is Temporarily Unavailable. Online and Telephonic Sessions Available. Please Call or Text Message to schedule an appointment. 

The Background on Making This Decision

Our office has 100+ professionals on our floor alone, in addition to the other hundreds of professionals in the 4-story office building, as well as the many clients, patients, and visitors who walk through for services each day. Though we have been extra vigilant about cleaning surfaces more than before, our hope is that any surfaces that may have been exposed to droplets we may have missed will no longer contaminate after that time. We have received information from our State Governor, consulted with other therapists, and medical physicians in Franklin County, all over the country, and in other countries.

Most people have a tear (or two) during counseling sessions, which means they touch their faces. This virus can be asymptomatic and shed (be passed) for 14-24+ days. This means there is a high chance of passing this on without any idea that any of us have it. We tried to think of ways to hold in-office sessions safely, but we could not find solutions to keep the furniture safe for the next person. We also could not find a way to maintain the recommended space between patients and their therapists.

We know we are interdependent, and all connected. That is what we talk about in this office. We want to do our part to help keep your older family members, your little ones, and anyone in your core circle who may be immunocompromised safe. We also want to do our part to help those already on the front lines, working during this time, to be as safe as humanly possible.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


March 2020. Counselor Park.

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