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I’m Ellice Park, a licensed therapist (LPCC) in Ohio. I specialize in treating trauma, dissociation, and complex, multivariable issues. I use a variety of proven techniques (one is EMDR) and clinical theories that can help you towards healing and reaching your goals. I love the work that I get to do… I consider it my calling and I am excited to get to know you!

Discover The Smörgåsbord of Interventions


Art as Therapy

Therapeutic Expressive Arts
Creative Expression used to foster healing and mental-emotional well-being. World Health Organization (WHO) – supported for the alliance of social policy & arts & healthcare.


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
Therapy engaging both hemispheres of the brain & body to help people heal from the distressing symptoms left by disturbing life experiences. Veterans Affairs (VA) – approved.


Cognitive Processing Therapy
12-session therapy model for rapid change and transformation. Changing your thoughts to empower you to feel differently. Veterans Affairs (VA) – approved.

Ellice was wonderful to work with, very understanding and always had a way to help me.

  • B. T.

My goals were to be able to speak freely to her about my past and my present and to feel safe in the environment i was speaking in. To get a deeper understanding of my subconscious and to feel like i had a support system outside of my friends and family. Ellice Park did meet all my goals I would recommend her to anyone.

  • A. P.

Ellice is incredibly smart. She was able to pass on curriculum that I could use with the children to move them through their dysfunctional behaviors and teach them new and healthy tools. Our family has been forever changed because she could identify a need in a child and find a resource to redirect behavior in a positive way.

  • L. A.

Therapy was really a tool that helped me heal and grow and I am so thankful for the time I got with her. There is so much I learned from her too and so much about people and life that I changed my perspective on as well.

  • K. K.

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My Counseling in Numbers

  • 10,000+ Hours of Service as a Licensed Therapist
  • 2 Hospitals
  • 3 Schools (1 Higher Education)
  • 3 Autism-Specific Organizations
  • 2 Deaf-Specific Organizations
  • 3 Prison / Jail Systems
  • 1 Geriatrics Facility
  • 3 Religious Organizations (Jewish & Christian)
  • 5 Private Practices (2 Rural Ohio)
  • 3 Advocacy Institutions
  • 9 Fancy Titles (Advanced Degrees, Licenses, Certifications, Memberships)
  • 4 Supervisors and Advisors eyeing my work
  • 2 Languages
  • 99.99% Happy Patients & Family Systems
  • Fun Fact Just Because Why Not: Pre-C19-Pandemic, I enjoyed hosting at least 3 dinner parties a week. Making at least 1 new friend a week!

Operating Hours

Mon – Sat: 09:00 – 17:00
Accommodations made for suicidal patients 24/7/365


Telehealth Only during
C19 Pandemic, and the foreseeable future